Behshahr Industries Development Co.

Behshahr Industries Development Company with more than 30 subsidiaries is one of the major economic firms of the country and the shareholders to broadcast medicine. Behshahr Industries Development Company (Public joint stock) has been registered in 1349 and has been accepted in the Securities and Exchange organization of Tehran since 1353. In addition to its relative importance as one of the largest industrial poles in the country, its success has been of great importance as the first experience in privatization.

Participate to broadcast

The company has been broadcasting since established in 1334, as the largest Iranian broadcasting complex in the region as well as a key member of the Behshahr Industries Development Group.
Considering the numerous branches of the province in the centers of provinces and more than 50 years of brilliant history in the major goods, the company has spread various and very diverse products from producer such as Behshahr Industrial Company (Ladan, Bahar, Nastaran, Aftab, red crispy, etc.) , Paxan Co. (Snow, Sepid, Goli, Golnar, oregano, Nasim, etc.) and other industrial groups and domestic and foreign manufacturers in the country in the distribution cycle. A